Its great to know i'm making a difference


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Everything we do is made possible by our team of wonderful volunteers.

Without these amazing souls we truly could not function. There is a place for everybody to use their strengths and gifts here in the foodbank family.

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Chelwood Foodbank Plus has brought the community together to make a difference for those that need it most.


Trustee of Chelwood Foodbank Plus


    Please get in touch if you would like to offer your time and skills to help your community. There are lots of different ways to help out. Consider joining our amazing volunteer team today. Fill in the form above or Email 

    There are lots of different ways to help including;

    Foodbank Volunteer, Community Volunteer, Fundraising Volunteer


    It’s about sharing what we have. Generosity. Why should anyone feel different because of their current circumstances?


      Everyone played their part to get us to this point. Now, as an independent food bank, we can make the decisions that we want to make. We can help those people that need extra support. We all need a hand. This is just their time.



        Dave Prior
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