Stories from People and Families that Use the Foodbank in Stockport

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This foodbank has been very helpful to us, providing for us when we really needed help.  We really appreciate and love what is being done here. God Bless this foodbank and we pray things will be better for other people to come and that this organisation should grow from strength to strength. They are all lovely and caring people, they have feelings for people. God Bless you all

Diane and Arthur Erswell

    I have had lots of help from the foodbank. They have been very handy when I had problems with my benefits and provided me with nice healthy food. They have never looked down on me and it has always been a nice and welcoming environment

    Colin Mangan


      I first came to the foodbank when my husband was poorly and I had to leave work to look after him. We have 5 young children, we lost the support from our family and we were really struggling at the time. My husband's nurse  spoke to my children's school and they referred me to Chelwood Foodbank.

      This foodbank has really saved my bacon!! They have fully supported us making sure we've food on the table. They have provided food, toiletries, nappies and wipes and I even get pet food too. More recently it was my 5 year old son's birthday, and Chelwood gave me a birthday present for little Enzo, which he loved, thank you again.

      Jessica Ferraro

        All the staff here are lovely, we're on first name terms and I always feel welcomed. I honestly feel that Chelwood can't do enough for me, ensuring I have all I need for me and my 2 dogs. Before coming here I felt lonely and quite isolated and the foodbank offered me a friendly ear along with a brew! Collecting my food parcels pushes me to get out and I've even popped along to the church social club which is next door to the foodbank. On other occasions, I have been invited to chat or offload to the members of church , over coffee, which is nice, just to know there are people there to help and care. 

        Roy Nunney


           I first came to this foodbank 5 months ago, with my children. I have had regular support to help me in my situation with Halal Foodparcels, toiletries & nappies. They have provided me with school uniforms and clothing for myself and my children. At Christmas I received a fantastic Hamper and toys for the children. Just recently, I got a lovely Mothers Day gift for myself which was a lovely surprise.  Even more recently, I asked if the foodbank could help me find a bicycle for my son.  the foodbank put a call out to their contacts and did actually get my son a donated bike. Thank you so much.

          Kurdistan Mohammed

            For me and my family, our experience has been good. Our children's school contacted Chelwood to help support us. We get regular support with Halal and fresh food, toiletries, cleaning products and nappies. They have a rail full of clothes for men, women and children and we have had many clothes and shoes for all our family. We received a Christmas Hamper and lots of toys and gifts for my children, my wife and myself. We are grateful for the kind and welcoming support we receive We too have given back with a couple of traditional home made dishes  for the volunteers to enjoy, we hope you liked them!  

            The Abdulrahman Family


              The foodbank have helped me and my husband on several occasions, with Halal food parcels, clothing and toiletries.

              My English isn't very good so I usually go with my friend who speaks English. The staff have always been very friendly and we always feel welcomed. I particularly like the shelves they have with random food, that isn't part of the usual food parcel we get,as it has lots of interesting food, sauces and mixes. 

              I would like to say thank you for all that you have done for us.

              Snobar Abuzaid

                The Foodbank has been so helpful. English isn't our first language as we are from Bulgaria, and with the assistance of ' Google translate' we have had help from the Manager with helping us to complete official forms or make phone calls on our behalf when we have struggled. We have had lots of support with food parcels and toiletries when we have really struggled. We have also been helped with items for our house when we first moved here,  such as crockery and cutlery. We also look forward to looking through their clothes rails, which my wife and I have had many great clothes and shoes - thank you. I regard everybody at the foodbank as friends,  not charity, because they are so friendly and willing to help us and we have always felt welcome on every visit. Thank you all so much. 

                Snezhana & Vascal Dimitrova


                  I first came to the foodbank with a friend that was previously supported.

                  He told me how friendly they were,  not judgemental and even offered pastoral care when he really needed it. When I have needed Chelwood they helped me with not only food but some cleaning products and Easter eggs which was a lovely treat. 

                  Enid Smith