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Our charity is an emergency service, providing pre-packed food parcels, to support those in financial crisis and food poverty. You can utilise this referral service up to a maximum of 3 visits, in a 13 week period. Should you find that you are in need of longer term support, we suggest that you consider joining a food club which we will be happy to discuss with you further, during your visit. 
We are moving to a digital system and previous pink vouchers will no longer be required.  There are 2 options below, for self referrals and partners. Please choose the appropriate option. Even if you have utilised our services in the past, registration must be completed, followed by a referral form.

Self referrals

Self Referrals are for anybody that wishes to refer themselves, without the need of going via another agency, such as the Citizens Advice, Housing Officers, Social Workers etc. 
  • Evidence of financial hardship must be provided at the foodbank.
  • ID with your name and address must be provided at the foodbank. A bankcard is not acceptable.
  • Maximum of 3 visits (in a 3 month period).
If you are able to provide the above documentation, as part of our terms, please proceed.


Please complete this section on behalf of a service user. We are reliant upon your organisation to ascertain the genuine need of foodbank support. We request that you inspect evidence of financial hardship to verify their nature of crisis, if you are in a face to face situation. If you only have telephone contact with the service user, you must advise your client to produce evidence when presenting at the foodbank. If in any doubt about making a referral, please email 
  • Evidence of financial hardship must be provided either to you or at the foodbank. If you have seen this, please state what, in your referral.
  • Please advise your client that ID with name and address is required, when presenting at the foodbank. A bankcard is not acceptable.
  • Maximum of 3 visits (in a 3 month period). 
Please relay all of the above to your client. If these terms can be met, please proceed.